LED Video Wall Screen 14.7' x 7.9' P1.99mm Indoor Turn-key Virtual Productions

Product description

Standard LED Screen Display 14.7’ x 7.9’ P1.9mm
Virtual productions have a new way of generating hyper-realistic environments, to deliver perfect cinematic experiences from start to finish – thanks to our innovative technology. Thus, the 14.7’ x 7.9’ LED wall screen has arrived on the market. Its pixel pitch is 1.9m respectively. Such a pixel pitch grants you incredibly high resolution at close viewing distances. This P1.9mm package is a choice LED turn-key package. If you want peak performance, impactful visuals and a memorable experience – this package is the one for you.

Complementation and style
This package comes with 35 (7×5) LED tiles, making this product ideal for indoor environments for the reproduction of any audiovisual material, either in the vicinity of a restaurant, bar, cinema, theaters or even in television studios; The well-designed style of this product will immediately become noticeable. In addition, the viewing public can be cautiously close, since it can be located just 5 feet away from the pixel on the screen.
Savings in consumption
Even though these panels may be kept on for hours, the energy consumption from this LED video wall screen is the lowest of all, since it will only need 70 watts for each panel. And, last but not least, the useful life of this product reaches 100,000 hours in total, making it more profitable in the long run.
Free shipping
Once the product is purchased, installation and shipping is included in the final price. In addition to having a 3-year warranty, there is 24/7 technical and maintenance service at your entire and absolute disposal. Make sure to ask about our installation services!
Download full specifications here
Key Features:

  • Full Front Service / Magnetic Modules
  • Turn-key solution
  • Easy installation
  • Ground support compatible (sold separately)
  • Technical support available
  • 3 years warranty included for all parts
  • USA based
  • In stock

Package Includes:

  • (35) NovaStar P1.99mm Indoor LED video tiles
  • (1) 4k Video Processor with HDMI, DVI and VGA Inputs
  • (3) NovaStar Mctrl300 sending card
  • (7) Hanging bars for rigging
  • (5) Cat6 25ft cable
  • (35) Data Cat6 link cables
  • (35) Locking Power Link Cables
  • (2) Locking Power to Edison Cables
  • Spare parts included


  • Pixel Pitch: 1.99mm
  • High Refresh Rate: 3840hz
  • Full Front Service / Magnetic Modules
  • LED Configuration: 3-in-1 SMD1515 LED
  • Pixel Density: 320 x 240 per panel
  • Size: 19.68” x 19.68” x 3” / 640 x 480 x 75mm
  • Module Quantity: 6 per panel 320 x 160mm
  • Weight: 18lbs. / 8.16Kg

Optical Ratings:

  • Brightness: 800 NITS
  • View Angle: Horizontal 140°/Vertical 140°
  • Distance: 5ft.
  • Brightness Adjustment: 0~100% 100 Levels

Power Supply:

  • Operation Power: 100~240V 50-60Hz
  • Max. Power Consumption: 140W/per panel
  • Ave. Power Consumption: 70W/per panel
  • Connections Power/Data: Locking power In/Out; Data EtherCon In/Out

Control System:

  • Control Mode: NovaStar Synchronous System with Control via DVI
  • Frame Update Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Scan Mode: 1/28
  • Refresh Rate: 3840Hz
  • Support Input: Composite, S-Video, Component, VGA, DVI, HDMI, HD_SDI
  • Brightness Correction: Pixel, Module, Cabinet


  • Operating Life: 100,000 Hours
  • Protection Level: IP45 (Front and Back)

The Mirackle® P1.99 is a high resolution video panel from Mirackle®. Each panel has a pixel pitch of 1.99mm with a configuration of a 3-in-1 RGB SMD2020 LED. These panels are specifically designed to be viewed at a close distance. Ideal for tv studios, virtual productions and even domestic use. This line of panels will definitely upgrade any presentation, event or video production.
Mirackle® offers full packages and turn-key solutions by giving you everything you need to get up and running. This package comes with video processors, software, cabling, rigging bars and flight cases.

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