Truss Nation® Two 20 ft. Chain Hoist Package

Product description

Truss Nation® – Two 20′ Chain Hoist Package
Truss Nation® Chain Hoist has a load capacity of 2 tons. Suitable for the entertainment industry. It is easy to operate, high efficiency, small hand pull, galvanized chain, effective to prevent rust, low clearance and light steel structure. It can be easily operated, even in the free download.
Compatible with Truss Nation® trusses.
Truss Nation® is one of the industry’s most respected truss manufacturers and designers in USA. Our trusses are engineered for high quality and for many applications like stage lighting, concerts, LED video walls, and similar uses. Manufactured with heavy-duty aluminum material, welded on both sides, and our exclusive circular rings at each corner of the truss to reduce or eliminate damage to the main chord ends.
Key Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Technical support available
  • 3 years warranty included for all parts
  • USA based
  • In stock


  • Load capacity: 2 Tons.
  • Chain: 20′ (6 meters)

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Truss Nation® Two 20 ft. Chain Hoist Package