P5 P10 Outdoor Football Stadium Video LED Display Scoreboard

Football Stadium Video LED Display Scoreboard P5
Dimension: 960*960*120mm and 1280x960x120mm
Pixel Pitch Outdoor: 4mm, 5mm, 6.67mm, 8mm, 10mm
Applications: Commercial Screen, football stadium, Perimeter LED Poster, Arena Display, Business Advertising Signs, Road Screen, etc.
Outdoor High Brightness LED sports scoreboards Signs P4 P5 P6.67 P8 P10

Product description

Football Stadium Video LED Display Scoreboard P5, Electronic Basketball Sport Scoreboard LED Billboard | Scoreboards and LED Video Displays P5 Electronic Billboard Scoreboard LED Dispaly | Football LED Screen | Digital LED Billboards | Digital Perimeter Boards | Electronic cricket football  LED Scoreboards Board
High Brightness Outdoor Staduim LED Display Screen
LED Display Cabinet Dimension: 960*960*100mm
Pixel Pitch Outdoor: 6.67mm, 8mm, 10mm
Applications: E-Sports, Ice hockey, Football Perimeter LED Poster, Arena Display, Billboard, Perimeter LED Poster etc.
Our giant screens can turn into digital scoreboards thanks to a special software.
The advantage of using a real LED screen instead of a traditional scoreboard with numbers only, is that the arrangement of the elements can be easily changed to show writings, images or videos on the same screen, both with the scores or without when necessary.
Football Sport Scoreboards
Pair your video display with an Vios LEDCARD static scoreboard for the ultimate in scoring information and excitement. We offer models that pair well with LED video displays to suit any facility size. With brighter LEDs, custom design options, superior weather-proofing and durable components, our scoreboards are built to last.
Center-Hung Solutions
Make every seat the best seat in the house with a vibrant centre-hung display. Let us help you create a dynamic and vibrant 4-sided video display that will enhance game excitement, delight players and WOW your fans.
Scoring Tables
Light up your sidelines and ignite your crowd with Vios Display scoring tables. With stunning clarity and exceptional durability Vios LED Scoring tables are an affordable, dynamic and modern way to add excitement to games, display in game information and generate revenue through limitless sponsorship and advertising.
Controllers & Event Production
Bring your video display to life with Bolt, Vios Display’ live event production suite. Easily broadcast and entertain fans with live video feeds, sponsor ads, team messages, still and motion graphics. For an enhanced viewing experience, connect Bolt to your Vios LEDCard controller and display a wide range of real time scoring and stats information during your event.

Scoreboards and LED video display solutions for stadium

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Scoreboards and LED video display solutions for stadium
P5 P10 Outdoor Football Stadium Video LED Display Scoreboard