P5 Indoor Custom digital Full Color LED Display Advertising LSN Control System

  • Model: Vios FIX-P5
  • Inddor Fixed LED Display
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • In Stock
  • Product description: Indoor P5mm Fixed LED display LED screen LED Video Wall LED Sign for Varius Applications Vios LED display screen high quality stable product for you

Product description

Shenzhen Vios Electronic Technoloy Co., Ltd  P5 indoor LED screen, Ph5mm HD LED video wall
Compared with the mainstream specs indoor LED display P4mm and P6mm, P5 indoor LED display still have its advantage in indoor LED screens, by right of suitable pixel pitch and brightness,
P5mm indoor LED screen is still unique in the market and has an irreplaceable position in indoor advertising media applications. Our P5 indoor LED display adopt high quality LED chip in the form of SMD3528 LED encapsulation pattern,
with 40000 pixel density per square meters to ensure a clear, showy image and smooth video in LED display. High quality, high stability, high reliability is our source of confidence to recommend our P5 display products when you are choosing P5 LED indoor display.
Owning high brightness up to 2000nits,  Vios  P5 indoor LED display has a more colorful and attractive image on the screen,  and more, with Horizontal/160° and Vertical/160° viewing angle,
the vivid picture or video showing on the screen will hold on your eyes no matter you are standing at any angle. In addition, with high Performance/Cost Ratio, Vios  P5mm led display screen make you have another option when you are comparing whit indoor LED display P4 and P6,  in another words,
our customers can select P5 indoor LED video wall as a perfect balance between brightness and pixels when the brightness of P5 LED display is higher than Indoor P4 LED display and the pixels of P5 is more then P6 Indoor LED display. In the meantime,
Vios  P5 indoor LED sign is always priced with a affordable price.  welcome to wholesale full color SMD P5 indoor LED display from us, P2.5mm, P3mm, P4mm, P6mm, P7.62mm, P10mm pixel pitch options are available too.
P5mm LED Video Wall parameters

Pixel pitch
Module size
Module pixel resolution
Cabinet Size
640x640mm/800X800mm/960x960mm are avaliable
Pixel density
4,000 dots/sqm
Best   viewing distance
5m  -50m
800  -1200  nits
Grey scale
16384 steps
Color Number
Display Mode
Synchronous with video source
Data refresh rate
480HZ-  1  20  0HZ
LED drive
1/  16   scanning
Control system type
Colorlight / Linsn / Novastar
Control software name
Viewing angle
Vertical 120° Horizontal 140°
Temperature range
-10℃ to +50℃
Ambient Humidity
Service access
Cabinet weight
Power Consumption
Max:   80  0   W  /  m2  ; Average  :450W  /  m2
Protection Level
Front: IP  54   Rear: IP  54
Lifetime to 50% brightness
LED Failure Rate
<0,00001(Led display line standard <0,0001)
> 100.000 hours
Input power cable
AC110V to 220V
Signal input
CE, ROHS, FCC marked
5 Years quality warranty

• Perfect quality, High stability, 24/7 running, reliable non-stop.
• Wide viewing angle: with its 160/160 viewing angle, the display will shine the same colorful image no matter you are seeing at different angle.
• Perfect visual effect: 40000 pixels density per square meter and 5mm pixel pitch to ensure a perfect image and video showing in the display.
• High quality  LED to ensure P5 LED sign has a very high whole performance even in semi-outdoor environment
• Higher contrast ratio: High quality SMD3528 or SMD2121 LED to ensure P5 LED sign has a high contrast rate and video is clearer and showy.
• High qualtiy LED material and strict qualtiy control assures its whole high performance and stability.
• High intensity LED lamp make P5mm indoor led display brightness has a high brightness that can up to 3000nits or even higher.
• Easy installation and maintenance: module design to ensure easy installation and maintenance. save you labor and time.
• Light & slim design: P5 indoor LED screen adopts aluminum to ensure the display light weight, easy to handle and transport
• P5 Indoor LED Display with 5 years warranty, fully 7/24 tech after-sale service.
• Customized design is available, OEM & ODM are welcomed.

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P5 Indoor Custom digital Full Color LED Display Advertising LSN Control System