P3 Led Display Outdoor Led Screen Led Video Panel Hotel Big Tv Stadium Show

576×576 P3 Led Display Outdoor Led Screen Led Video Panel
High contrast ratio.Up to 5000:1
High brightness. 1,500 nits.
NationStar Black LEDs.
Product Description: Indoor p3 rental LED display LED Display Cabinet 576×576 mm

Product description

576×576 P3 Led Display Outdoor Led Screen, Led Video Panel Hotel Big Tv Stadium Show, P3mm Indoor LED Panel Digital Screen, Full Color P3 LED Display Panel Size 576X576mm 640x640mm 960x960mm
With 3mm pixel pitch and 1200nit ultra-high brightness, Vios ’s P3 display for indoor environments delivers superior picture quality with unmatched performance. The module resolution is 64×64, while the module size is 192mmx192mmx75mm. Delivering 5,000 hours of nonstop performance with a total lifespan of 100,000 hours, Vios ’s P3 indoor LED display has a superb refresh rate of 3840Hz. The ultra-wide 160 degree – 160 degree viewing angle ensures that your messaging gets maximum eyeballs even under high ambient light conditions.
Indoor P3 LED Display is the most popular LED Screen model. Our Indoor LED Screen Module uses high standard PCB, Plastic Shell, Power & Data Cables and Connectors. It is high performance and low failure rate.
High Level Kinglight / Nationstar LEDs and High Refresh 3840-5760 LED Driving IC is by customer choice. Choose Vios leddisplay LED Display module is the most cost-performance LED Display Product choice for your product.
P3 fullcolor LED electronic programmable LED screens are available in a variety of shapes: rectangular, square, curved, round and other custom designs.
P3 full-color LED electronic screen can support synchronous control cards and asynchronous control cards at the same time; even in the case of control computer failure, it can still display normally.
Installation of steel structure frame: indoor P3 LED full-color display is a light steel frame, chemical rivet bolt rivet steel plate is used as a support structure in the corresponding beam and column part, and the display steel frame is connected with rivet fixed steel plate.
P3 LED indoor full-color screen system works stably and reliably, has the strong anti-interference ability, and works continuously for more than 72 hours. The control system software operation interface is user-friendly and easy to operate.
Vios Display Inddor P3 Fixed LED display LED screen | Indoor P3 Full Color Circular/Cylinder LED Display Specifications


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P3 Led Display Outdoor Led Screen Led Video Panel Hotel Big Tv Stadium Show