P3.91 Full Color Transparent LED Display Glass Screen

P3.91 Full Color Transparent LED Display Glass Screen for Outdoor Indoor Advertising
NationStar Gold Wire SMD1921 RGB LED Chip
NovaStar Sending Card Receiving Card
High Brightness 2500nits – 6500nits
High Refresh Rate 3840Hz – 9600Hz
Product Description: light weight indoor & outdoor LED transparent video screens for glass wall buildings decoration and shop windows displays

Product description

P3.91 Full Color Transparent LED Display Glass Screen for Outdoor Indoor Advertising. High Quality Transparent Glass Led Display P3.91 P7.8/P10.4 P3.75mm Transparent LED Display LED Screen LED Video Wall, Transparent Glass LED Screen, Transparent LED in window glass film
The displays` high resolution allows for incredible graphics and motion effects that combine with transparency in ways that give artists and designers new possibilities for their creative vision.
Light weight
Vios LED glass led products are weighted approximately 14kg/m2 on average The super light weight make them convenient and cost effective for transportation and installation.
High Luminance
With up to 7000nit in brightness, make sure the led glass led displays are visible in bright day light. The high brightness make them ideal for outdoor advertising or media architectural spaces.
Modular design, choose resolution
Standard size can be used to assemble displays in various sizes, using the right resolution for the job.
Transparent LED modules and simple support frames create clean and unobtrusive displays.
LED glass video display cabinets have a dimension of 1000mm in width x 500mm in height, and a depth of 30mm. Below you can find the photo with size of the LED glass video screen cabinet. It is important also the size of cabinet could be customized based project requirement.

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P3.91 Full Color Transparent LED Display Glass Screen