Outdoor LED Display Panels Screen P2.976 P3.91 P4.81 Cabinet 1000×500mm

Outdoor P2.604/P2.976/P3.91/P4.81 Full Color Video LED Advertising Screen, Full Color LED Video Wall, Rental LED Display, p2.976 outdoor SMD full color LED display Module 250*250mm. Outdoor P2.976 Rental LED Video Wall 500×1000, HD P2.976 outdoor Rental LED Screen

Product description


Outdoor LED Display Panels Screen P2.976 P3.91 P4.81 Cabinet 1000x500mm, Outdoor Rental Led Video Wall Screen P2.976 LED Display 500*1000. Outdoor P2.976 HD LED Stage Screen 500X500mm. Curved P2.976 Stage LED Video Wall, RGB full color P2.976 P3.91 outdoor Rental LED video wall display 500×500 and 1000×500
Hot Sale Outdoor P2.604 / P2.976 / P3.91 / P4.81 Rental LED Display / LED Screen with 500mm*500mm /500mm*1000mm
1) It is extremely easy to calculate the area of LED screen because it is consist of 500*500mm/500mm*1000mm cabinet.
2) 16 bit color, 65536 gray scale, refresh rate over 3840HZ/S so the video or images on the LED screen are very vivid and fresh. People who see it will get shocked by this amazing viewing experience.
3) The appearance is very elegant, it looks very high end. Quality is very stable
4) It is die-casting aluminum cabinet, very strong and precision is very high, tolerance can be controlled in 0.1mm so the surface is very smooth, almost no gap between cabinets
5) The side locks is spring locks, this is unique among all die-casting aluminum cabinets, especially popular in European market and North American market
6) With power and signal connectors, Neutrik or Seetronic brand, very easy to install and dismantle
7) High contrast rate up to 5000:1 by using black LED
8) The new structure design enables diversified installation to meet the hanging-up and stacking requirements.
9) Due to the light weight and low power consumption, it can reduces the labor cost,operating cost and transportation cost
10). Good thermal design, excellent heat dissipation even no fan installation,
11) The same cabinet size can be compatible with different pixel pitches such as P2.604, P2.976, P3.91, P4.81, P5.95, P6.25 .If you want to update the product, you only need to change the module.
12).It is low noise, can be installed in office and meeting room.
P2.976 Outdoor Rental LED Display 500×500 Rental Stage LED displays screens for outdoor waterproof RENTAL Indoor / Outdoor Curved / Straight LED Screen.  P2.976mm outdoor Advertising LED Screen Specifications Parameters:

500*500mm LED Display P2.604mm Indoor LED Module 250mmx250mm P2.604 Rental LED Display 500×500mm LED Screen P2.604 Curve LED Display Screen 1000x500 China P2.604 indoor full color rental LED display Magnesium Alloy P2.604mm Indoor Rental LED Video Wall China P2.604 indoor full color LED display Waterproof Outdoor Rental LED Display   Outdoor P2.604mm Rental LED Display ScreenP2.604 Led Screen 2.604mm Indoor Rental Led Display P2.604 Leeman LED Display connection How to connect Leeman LED Display screen

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