Outdoor Full Color Lamppost Road Pillar Digital Signage Sign Street Light Lamp Pole Post Led Display Screen For Advertising P4

Street Light Poles Outdoor Led Advertising Screens 5G WIFI Control P4 Waterproof
NationStar Gold Wire SMD RGB LED Chip
NovaStar Sending Card Receiving Card
High Brightness 7500nits – 10000nits
High Refresh Rate 3840Hz – 9600Hz
Product Description: Street Lighting Pole LED Screen Outdoor LED Advertising P3.33

Product description


Street Light Poles Outdoor Led Advertising Screens 5G WIFI Control P4 Waterproof | P3.33 Street Light Pole LED Display Advertising 3G/4G/5G Outdoor Full Color LED Sign Double sided | China Outdoor Full Color Street Light Pole LED Display for Advertising Player
The 5G era will give birth to a huge emerging market – the application and operation management of urban new smart street furniture of lamps pole with led screen, which cannot be separated from the supporting role of city smart street pole LED screens display.
The smart pole light box LED screen advertising display is high density, high brightness, waterproof, easy installing, cluster control product. Suit for outdoor using on a city street, hanging on a pole, standing on the ground, mounting on the wall etc install solution.
mart pole led panel is for special application for streets, shopping mall, commercial center, exhibition, etc. It install along with the pole, like street light pole. The most attractive advantage is shocked advertising effect when all the pole led display change image at the same time. Other is wireless 3G/4G connection and cloud control system.
Multi frame design
Pole led Billboard is uniform cabinet with standard size,P3mm,P3.076mm,P3.33mm,P4mm,P5mm,P6.67,P8mm,P10mm standard led module Size:320mmx160mm. That means it must be convenient to carry and install &replacement. This pole led display support for back maintenance and front maintenance. You can open the frame from side or from back.
Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm 2.976mm 3mm 3.33mm 3.91mm 4mm 4.81mm 5mm 6mm 6.67mm 8mm 10mm
Cabinet Size: 1600mm x 640mm / 1440mm x 640mm / 1280mm x 640mm / 960mm x 640mm / 1536mm x 576mm / 1280mm x 512mm / 1152mm x 512mm / 1000mm x 500mm
Quick Installation
Pole box led display connect with some pole by the bracket hoop. You can easily fix the pole led screen within 30 seconds, so it is great product for outdoor Icloud media. This hoop is stainless steel to avoid rust and some bad weather near the sea.
Multi Control way
Pole light led display support for LAN, wifi and 4G/5G. Especially compatible with Icloud control system, that means you can control over 5,000pcs led display at the same time in the same software in your office or by your smart cellphone. The cloud system can well locate every pole led display by GPS and supervisor image of every led display. All the images will have a record in the software so that you can educe the excel to check adverts.
5G/WIFI control by mobile phone/computer/Ipad/Cloud, you can send the videos to the screens together without distance limitation
Cluster control, remote update Mobile APP control
Waterproof and Stable material
Street Light box Pole led display should be suitable for all bad weather in different regions in the world. The working temperature can be-40 to 60 degree and all the durable material is anti-corrosion. It can last at least 5 years without breakdown.
Widely Used in High Coverage
The Pole LED Screen for Road Advertising has unique design which makes it look beautiful and easy to install. It can be used on road, mall stage, high-grade residence district, tourist attractions, 4S stores, hospital entrance and many more outdoor places.
The digital street furniture of smart led screen display units equipped offering unrivalled outdoor image quality: strategically positioned across the entire area, it alternates between real-time local information and advertising, providing useful information for the public and exceptional visibility for advertisers.
P3.33 Outdoor street pole LED display Technical Parameters

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