GOB Rental Indoor P1.953 LED Wall

GOB Indoor P1.953 LED Wall Panel Full Color Mirror Display P1.953 Indoor Poster Led Advertising Screen For Shop Window
4K LED Display Fine Pitch LED Display with Pixel Pitch of P0.9 P1.2 P1.5 P1.9 Rental LED Display Outdoor Indoor
Product Description: GOB P1.953 P2.5 Rental 8K LED Screen 500X500mm, Die-Casting Aluminum 16K LED Display Cabinet 500x1000mm

Product description


GOB Indoor P1.953 LED Wall Panel | P2.5 Rental LED Display Cabinet 500X500mm | Magnesium Alloy P1.965mm Indoor Rental LED Video Wall 500×1000mm | P2.604 indoor full color rental LED display manufacturers
P1.965 P1.953 P2.5 P2.604 P2.8 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81 P5.95 P6.25 HD LED Display Video Walls for Outdoor Indoor Portable Rental Events 500X500 and 500X1000mm panel
P2.5 HD Rental LED Display used high quality SMD2121 Pure Black LED Lamp, 1.6mm PCB Board, ICN2053/MBI5124/ICN2153/MBI5153 Driving IC, Original Plastic Suit. It is high performance, reliable quality, and easy to install and move. It’s the best option for indoor event/ stage show display equipment.
P1.953mm P2.5mm 250×250 HD LED Display Module
250x250mm P2.5 Indoor LED Display Module for 500x500mm Die-Cast Aluminum Panel, it also has the option of front maintenance with magnetic.
P2.5 Indoor HD LED Display Screen with 500×500 Die-cast aluminum Panel, it is high precision die-cast aluminum panel, which is easy to install seamlessly, and easy to install with the pisition tut, fast lock. The fixed method is also variable like ground base, hanging, and install to creative shape in the stage. The plug-socket is use brand which is easy to plugin-in and plug-out, low failure rate, no electricity leakage.
This P2.5 Indoor HD Rental Panel is used Nationstar/Kinglight LED Lamp by customers choice, which is a good color and brightness consistency, very high performance. as well as the high refresh driving IC ICN2153 and MBI5153, which can give a 3840Hz Refresh rate and 16bit color depth.
The PCB is used 1.6mm high standard Painting Circuit board also been paint 3 anti-paint (Moisture-proof, Anti-Static, Flame Resistant).
P2.5 P1.953 Indoor Rental LED Display Main Features:
Kinglight Nastionstar high quality LED Lamp.
ICN2153 MBI5153 High Refresh Driving IC.
High-Quality 1.6mm Anti-Moisture, Anti-Static and Flame Resistant PCB.
High Precision Die-Cast Aluminum Cabinet.
Light Weight & Slim Panel, only 75mm thickness and 7kg/panel .
Front&Back Service. Magnetic Front Service LED Display Module.
High-Quality Power & Data Cables and Connector, Easy to plug-in and Plug-Out, High Waterproof Level, No Electricity Leak.
Work with LED Display video Processor, Move-able Electricity Power Box, Hanging Beam, Flight Case etc.
P1.965mm P1.953mm P2.5mm P2.604mm P2.976mm P3mm P3.5mm P3.91mm P4mm P4.81mm P5.95mm LED Display Cabinet 500x500mm 500x1000mm 960x960mm Specifications Parameters:


Waterproof Outdoor Rental LED Display Rental Outdoor Indoor LED Display ScreenP3.91 Outdoor Adaptable Die-Cast Rental LED Screen Panel

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