GOB P1.923 1R1G1B Indoor Full Color LED Display Wide Viewing Angle

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GOB P1.923 1R1G1B Indoor Full Color LED Display Wide Viewing Angle

  • Model:  Vios-GOB P1.92
  • HD LED Display
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • CE,RoHS,FCC Approved
  • Product description: P1.9mm HD LED Display Screen LED Video Wall for High End application Standard Size 400mmx300mm, Colorlight P1.9mm LED display screen with Refresh rate over 2000Hz.

    Vios GOB P1.9mm HD led display screen LED video wall for High End application Standard Size 400mmX300mm, Vios  P1.9mm LED display screen with Refresh rate over 2000Hz.

    Pixel pitch: 1.92 mm
    Refresh rate: >2000 Hz
    Brightness: 500-1000 nits
    Cabinet Size: 400mm*300mm*77mm
    Cabinet Weight: 4.6kg

    Product Features:

    1: Standard Size Panel: 200*300mm
    2: Standard Cabinet Size: 400*300mm
    3: Gapless installation, wider viewing angle, good color uniformity
    4: Soft images,green and environmental protection
    5: High refresh rate, remove ghost without trailing
    6: Locating slot work with dowel pin to ensure good flatness
    7: 16bit gray scale processing, color expression more naturally
    8: High refresh/High contrast/High grayscale/ Gorgeous picture showing
    9: Die-cast aluminum cabinet design light and easy to transport, good flatness and seamless.

    Product Parameters:

    Pixel Configuration


    Pixel pitch(mm)


    Pixel density(dots/m2)


    Module resolution(W×H)


    Module size (mm)


    Module weight (kg)


    Maximum power consumption of the module(W)


    Module of cabinet (W×H)


    Cabinet resolution(W×H)


    Cabinet size (mm)


    Cabinet area(m2)


    Cabinet weight (kg)


    Cabinet level up degree(mm


    Maintenance mode


    Cabinet raw material

    Die-casting aluminum

    Single-point brightness correction


    Single – point color correction


    White Balance Brightness (nits)


    Color Temperature (K)


    Viewing Angle (Horizontal / Vertical)


    Deviation of center distance of light – emitting


    Brightness / chromaticity uniformity




    Peak power consumption (W / m2)


    Average power consumption (W / m2)


    Power supply requirements

    AC90~264V,frequency 47-63(Hz)

    Frame rate (Hz)


    Drive mode

    Constant drive,1/26 scan

    Grayscale level


    Refresh rate (Hz)


    Number of color processing bits


    Video playback capabilities


    Operating temperature / humidity range (℃ / RH)

    -20 – 60  / 10%-85%RH

    Storage temperature / humidity range (℃ / RH)

    -20 – 60  / 10%-85%RH

    Applicable standards


    1: High quality LEDs

    We choose high reliable and hign contrast NationalStar LEDs to ensure our LED display excellent performance, wide view angle and good consistency which meet the need of high definition, high refresh rate, high gray scale and keep natural color at one time with best color uniformity.
    2:Best Driver IC


    3: Ultra HD perfect picture quality

    It delivers a truly amazing picture in every details with extrodinary pixels producing an image that is HD quality in an LED screen. 16bits gray processing technology, with 65536 grayscale, excessive nature, according to the video picture of extremely fine texture, looked more comfortable.

    P1.9mm HD LED Display

    4: Unique Design and Good Color Uniformity

    4:3 design. Cabinet’s 4:3 resolution is specialized for command center. Top-lever brightness control. Expansionof brightness adjustment range increase the brightness and contrast ratio of picture, this function can fully perform delicate change of brightness, so it can present a vivid clear picture to audience.

    P1.9mm HD LED Display

    P1.9mm HD LED Display

    5: Larger viewing area

    Vertical/horizontal: 160°/160°. Ultra wide angle of view, from any perspective images are clear natural, to experience the great subversive viewing experience.

    P1.9mm HD LED Display

    6: Vivid Image with Low Brightness and High Grayscale

    3000:1 contrast ratio acquired with high quality black face LED lamp and black mask, providing clearer and more vivid image

    P1.9mm HD LED Display