Colorlight System S2 LED Sender Card

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Colorlight System S2 LED Sender Card

  • Model: S2
  • LED Synchronous Sending Card
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • In Stock
  • Product description: Colorlight S2 LED Synchronous Sender Card Support 1920*1200 Pixels, Indoor /Outdoor Full Color Sender, Synchronous LED Display Control System.

    Colorlight System S2 LED Sender Card 

    S2 Send card Send card is a new generation designed in 2016, upgrading product chipset, overall performance significantly improved.S2 uses two USB2.0 interface as the communication interface,
    convenient and reliable communications and high-speed multi-card cascaded PC and send cards. S2 uses PCI-E 1X interface and more versatile


    1: Compatible with Colorlight i5A and 5A series LED receiver card.
    3: Support brightness adjustment
    3: Support audio input, HDMI/DVI signal input
    4: Support systematic time encryption
    5: Support standard transmission equipment like gigabit fiber optical transceiver, gigabit switcher for further transmission distance
    6: support offline testing
    7: Support Internal testing program
    8: Input resolution: 2048 * 1365 points, support any resolution within the maximum resolution
    9: Maximum load capacity:1310720 pixels, maximum width of 2560, maximum height of 2560 points;
    10: Two USB2.0 for high speed configuration and easy cascading with led cards
    11: 2 gigabit Ethernet outputs, support arbitrary splicing
    12: Advanced design, good quality components, strict aging test, zero-malfunction of final products
    13: DC3.8-12V Wide working voltage
    14: uses PCI-E 1X interface and more versatile


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