Colorlight System S2 LED Sender Box

  • Model: S2 Box
  • LED Synchronous Sending Box
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • In Stock
  • Product description: Colorlight S2 LED Synchronous Sender Box Support 1920*1200 Pixels, Indoor /Outdoor Full Color LED Sender, Synchronous LED Display Control System.

Product description

Vios -Colorlight System S2 LED Sender Box
As a new generation of sender, S2 Sender has updated its core chips, and the performance significantly improved. It adopts dual USB2.0 as the communication interface to achieve high speed communication between the PC and senders.
S2 Sender realizes cascading between multiple cards and much more convenient. S2 Sender can be applied to small display perfectly.
·DVI signal input port
·Audio input port with synchronous transmission via Ethernet cable
·Maximum input resolution: 1920*1200 pixels
·Loading capacity: 1.31 million pixels
·Maximum Width: 2560 pixels, Maximum Height: 2560 pixels
·2 Gigabit Ethernet port outputs support screen arbitrary splicing
·Dual USB ports for high speed configuration and easy cascading
·Improved grayscale performance at low brightness
·Wide working voltage with AC 100 ~ 240V
·Compatible with all series of Colorlight receiving cards

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Colorlight System S2 LED Sender Box