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Shenzhen Vios Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

VIOS Electronics Technology Co., Ltd Produces LED lighting products, LED controller system, LED electronic screen, LED products, lamps, ornaments, electronic products, digital products, communications equipment, research and development and sales of electrical equipment, domestic trade, goods and technology import and export.

Shenzhen Vios Display Technology Limited is an excellent company and HI-TECH electronic industry specializing in LED LCD products for indoor and outdoor advertising, Solar LED Lighting, stadiums, live events and all applications. Established in 1995, we became expert in LED LCD display technology and we manufacture in our factory in Shenzhen City, China, and our products include all kind of LED signs, LED displays, LCD touch screen, electronic billboards, indoor and outdoor LED screens, video walls, time and temperature displays, animated pharmacy crosses and signs, large outdoor video screens, LED nets and curtains for stages, concerts and building walls.

We also produce traffic signs, digital signs, outdoor TVs, electronic field banners and video scoreboards for stadiums, as well as mobile LED video screens on trucks that can be driven anywhere within a city, state or country for any occasion.

We have four fully automated production lines, monthly production line capacity over 40000 square meters. Production Equipment and Facilities Brush Pasting Machine DTL 8 SMD Machine SAMSUNG 12 Reflow Soldering Machine LY-8 8 Taping Machine DT-300 6 Automatic Plug-in Machine DT 3 Screwing Machine SUJE 5 Automatic Spraying Machine No Information 2 Wave Welding Machine LF-350 2 Automatic Gluing Machine No Information 1

Quality Management and Assurance: 1. High quality is the life, Viso is confident in the superior quality of products being the most effective salesman. 2. Viso has advanced production management and LED display R & D technology and also continue to technical innovations. 3. Viso introduces new industrial automation equipment, and gradually optimize the every aspect of production process. 4. Viso brings in advanced quality test equipments so as to control all raw materials. 5. Viso has its own complete set of test methods and test standard. 6. Viso has a dust free factory, every equipment is on the ground. In order to the display are not hurted by the static electricity. 7. The Perfect Quality Organization such as IQC, IPQC, LQC, OQC, QE engineering and the management of the suppliers, etc. have already been established. http://www.fullcolor-leddisplays.com https://www.chinastar-leddisplay.com Test Equipment and Facilities LED lighting aging box 1, LED lighting aging box , is for LED lighting test 2, LED lights need test 72hours continuous 3, LED lights test standard is conform to Standard IEC60598 LED module trim machine 1, LED module after pouring silicone , need trim by machine 2, LED modules trim machine , can improve viewing angles , brightness , flatness LED module drought table 1, LED module silicone glue ‘s thickness 3-5mm 2, LED modules need drought , after pouring into silicone glue 3, LED modules need 3hours drying in the air , air-condition, cooling fans LED modules test bracket 1, All modules need aging test at least 72hours 2, Any module test voltage 5V direct current 3, Test standard conform to CE standard IEC60950

After the goods are completed, 72 hours of aging, inspection, software loading, packaging, spare parts (module + power supply + wire + lamp beads + IC), there is a 5-year warranty!

Free, online support, phone.When customers are really needed, guide professional technicians,
Product design based on detailed investigation of the construction site.

Our Team

Vios Group is made up of PHD & Electronic Engineering Master Degree Candidate who are more than 15 years management experience. The high management people and backbones are both of background from famous university, moreover, most of them studied aboard, further studied or got the good training from international hightech companies.

R&D department , have 10 years LED experiences, 20pcs professional engineers, from design PCB circuit ,to make new product, investigate new LED product , each year to add 5 -8 kinds , 20-25 model series .

Our R&D group is made of more than 8% of total employees and most of them are senior technicians, with more than 10 years’ experiences in the LED field.

Products : Combination with practical and aesthetic, technology and art. Technology : Develop patent led display control system within 5 years.

Patent : Emphasize authentication for international invention design,deeply developing international market.

Our Service

We are proud to offer the best guaranty in the business: Great quality at an affordable price and up to 5 years full warranty.

Our LCD LED screens are exported worldwide more than 100 countries and regions such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Australia, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Iran, Poland, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Israel, Spain, Romania, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, South Africa etc.

So don’t hesitate, contact us NOW for a quote! Right here waiting for YOU!

Factory Direct Pricing

By eliminating the middleman we make sure our customers are given the best price for their investment.

Customer Service

One of our main aims is to give you the best buying experience and walk out with a sign that results in increased turnover for your business.