Vios Waterproof LED Grille Screen 1R1PG1B High Brightness for Germany

LED grille screen
Detailed instructions
1, the new mask design, so that the light emitted by the LED almost zero reflection to ensure that the display screen effect.
2, the unit module of the box design using a high temperature spray technology, greatly improve the anti-rust function.
3, the module installation surface smoothness control in the plus or minus 0.2mm, the whole flatness is good.
4, the display color uniformity high.
5, the back of the circuit board all three anti-treatment, to prevent the line of wet, oxidation, improve the service life.
6, screen body switching power supply efficiency greatly improved, reducing power failure rate;
7, the front of the module using high-quality potting seal, the back of a waterproof apron, improve the waterproof performance of the display.
8, with IP65 above the high-performance waterproof, dustproof capacity; high brightness, all-weather display, to adapt to a variety of outdoor harsh environment.

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