GOB Wide Viewing Angle P1.923 1R1G1B Indoor Full Color LED Display

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GOB Wide Viewing Angle P1.923 1R1G1B Indoor Full Color LED Display

Product Details:

Place of Origin:

China ,Guang Dong

Brand Name:




Model Number:


Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:

1 square meters


USD 1000-5000 per square meters

Packaging Details:

wooden box flight case, wooden case, carton, it is up to you.

Delivery Time:

7-10 working days after deposit payment received

Payment Terms:

L/C, T/T, Western Union

Supply Ability:

5000sqm per month

    Detailed Product Description
    Pixel Pitch: 1.923 Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B
    Scanning Mode: 1/32 Scanning Module Size: 246x246mm
    Cabinet Size: 492x492mm Material: Aluminum/iron
    Warranty: 2-3 Years IC: MB5124/MB5024
    Certificates: CE RoHS FCC CCC UL Application: Stadium,airport,shopping Mall,street Advertising
    High Light:

    led full color screen

    indoor led display screen


    Indoor GOB P1.923 LED Display Panel 

    Wide Viewing Angle Indoor Full Color LED 246x246mm Module Size






    246x246mm LED module

    492x492mm LED panel cabinet

    RGB full color LED display system

    Kinglight LEDs,G-energy LED driver



    Why not choose GOB?

    Let me explain a little bit about GOB. GOB stands for glue on board, a recently popular technology that is used for SMD protections by filling certain glue on the PCB board and form a certain barrier for the SMDs. It’s clear, and won’t affect the lights of the SMD. I accidently dropped a couple a LED panels, (tell me I’m not the only one who did this!) and luckily, they were GOB modules, guess what, after testing, those panels were just as perfect as always Besides, the highest protection from the glue, another thing wonderful about the GOB is that it made the cleaning of the surface even easier, wipe it with slighting wet cloth. Many people may have concerns about how to repair the bad SMDs? I’ll say, it’s not rocket science, a technician can do it easily as repairing other SMDs, just requires a couple of steps of digging and filling the glue. GOB would be perfect for the pitch options stars from around 1.667mm or above.



    1.Indoor full color LED large screen series,ultra high pixel density, showing a more high-definition picture effect.

    2. High cost performance, to meet your demand of high definition picture also has a good price, greatly reduce your investment costs;

    3. High efficiency : large LED screen products is used super bright low power driven LED, saving more than 20% , the PFC circuit design with temperature control, display control, brightness control technology, can achieve energy-saving effect on the whole product;

    4. High protection level: unique case design, in line with IP protection standards, can be used for outdoor installation;

    5. Standardized design: case, module and other parts of the standardized design, the compatibility between different products, high degree of standardization, for the production and maintenance to provide great convenience;

    Products Series:

    Small pixel :P1.5–P1.667–P1.875–P1.9–P1.923–P2–P2.5–P2.98–P3–P3.91
    Outdoor pixel series :P3.91–P4–P4.81–P5–P5.95–P6–P6.25–P6.67–P8–P10–P10.66–P16
    Indoor pixel series:P3.91–P4–P4.81–P5–P5.95–P6–P6.25–P7.62–P10–P12.5


    Special heat dissipation design inside out led chip;
    Great heat dissipation ability inside out from Drive IC;
    Model cover and cabinet adopted die-casting aluminum material Improves the heat dissipation effect, and Drive IC is accompanied with cooling material outside;
    Plus the high efficient power supply can decrease heat output;

    Specifications :


    outdoor  P1.923
    Pixel configuration
    Pixel density/pixels/m²
    Module resolution
    Module size/mm
    View distance
    Single point brightness adjust
    Can be added
    Single point color adjust
    Can be added
    White balance brightness
    Color temperature
    Horizontal view angle
    Vertical view angle
    Signal Process bit
    10 or 16bit
    Grey process
    1024x1024x1024 16834x16834x16834 65536x65536x65536
    Control distances
    Internet cable:100m, multimembrane:500m, monofilm:2km
    Driving mode
    Constant driving current
    Scanning mode
    1/30 SCANNING
    Frame rate
    Refresh frequency
    Control mode
    Computer synchronous
    Brightness adjusted range
    Manual, automatic operation, stepless continuous adjusted
    255 steps. No grey loss
    Out of control point
    Working hours
    Mean Time Between Failure
    Life time
    Life-all-white(brightness halving)
    Environment temperature range
    Operating temperature range: -20-45℃
    Self-check technology
    LED spot self-check, communications check, power check,
    temperature monitor(need customization)
    Remote monitoring
    Remote supervision and control, record potential fault,
    send out warning signs to the operators.(need customization)
    Software environment
    Luminous point width between centres
    Brightness uniformity
    Color uniformity(chromaticity coordinate)
    Power supply request
    System protection
    Moistureproof,dustproof,high temperature protection,anti-corrosion,anti-burning,anti-static,anti-vibration
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