High Refresh P2.5 P3 LED Poster Display Wifi USB APP Control

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High Refresh P2.5 P3 LED Poster Display Wifi USB APP Control

  • Model: Vios FIX-P3
  • Inddor Fixed LED Display
  • 5Years Warranty
  • In Stock
  • Product description: Indoor P3 Fixed LED display LED screen LED Video Wall LED Sign for High Resolution Application

    Shenzhen Vios Electronic Technoloy Co., Ltd  P3mm indoor SMD led display screen is one of the most mature and the most widely-used small pixel pitch
    LED screen products for indoor full color application.

    with the features of 111111 pixel density per square meters, high quality LED chip and SMD2121 LED encapsulation pattern, Our P3mm display products have a amazing fantastic visual effect in the image performance.

    Vios p3mm LED display adopts black SMD LED Lamp to ensure higher contrast ratio than white SMD LED display, so it is very suitable for showing small size, HD pictures and videos.In addition. over 2000nits brightness, perfect contrast and colour reproduction are also commended by our customers all around the world for its outstanding performance.

    With its reliability, stability and affordable price, Vios P3mm indoor SMD led display is considered to be the first choice for most of indoor fixed full color display application. The audience will be shocked for Colorlight P3mm LED screen’s seamless, vivid, perfect image.

    Indoor P3 LED Display

    Choosing Our P3mm SMD indoor LED display means you have choosen a high performance, reliability display
    which is manufactured using the highest quality LED material, offering perfectseamless & vivid visual effect, high contrast ratio and outstanding smooth level. P3mm indoor SMD led display is widely used for all kinds of indoor full color HD LED video application such as high-end cinema, TV station, conference room, command system, monitor system, exhibition presentations, banquet hall, stage and more.welcome to wholesale Indoor SMD P3mm full color LED display from us, P2.5mm, P4mm, P5mm, P6mm, P7.62mm, P10mm pixel pitch options are available too. We are confident in our P3mm indoor SMD led screen quality and stability.
    P3mm LED video wall parameters:
    Pixel Information
    Pixel Pitch
    SMD 3 In 1
    Pixel Density
    111111 Pixels/m2
    Pixel configuration
    LED Module
    Module Size
    192mm (witdh) * 96mm (Height)
    Module resolution
    64 pixels (witdh) * 32 pixels (Height)
    LED Cabinet
    Cabinet Size
    576x576mm/768x768mm/960x960mm are avaliable
    LED Cabinet Can be Customized accroding to your LED Display Size.
    Cabinet Weight
    Cabinet Material
    Steel or aluminum
    Input Voltage
    100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
    Max Power Consumption
    800 Watt/m2
    Avg. Power Consumption
    400 Watt/m2
    Brightness Uniformity
    Luminance Discrepancy < 5%
    Grey Scale (Level)
    Best Viewing Distance
    Best Viewing Angle
    Ambint Conditions
    Temperature Range
    Storage:-40deg. to +85deg.; Working:-20deg. to +60deg
    Operating Humidity
    Ingression Protection Grade
    Scanning Mode
    1/32 Scan
    Refresh Frequency
    180HZ-600HZ, Adjustable
    Signal Input
    DVI, Composite Video for Live Video
    Supported Networking
    Through LAN/WAN, RS 232/RS485
    Life Span
    50,000 – 100,000 Hours
    LEDVISION, other brands can be choose too.
    •Excellent stability: High quality material and strict process control to ensure stability of our products.
    •Outstanding quality: high quality core material LED parts and our professional circuit board design to ensure the reliability.
    •Higher contrast ratio: We adopts black SMD LED Lamp to ensuer higher contrast ratio than white SMD LED display
    •Excellent effect: using dot to dot calibration technology to ensure the image clearer, smooth level and more vivid image in the led display.
    •Slim design and light-weight: high qualtiy profile aluminum are used to ensure the display light weight & thickness, transportation & installation become easier.
    •Fantastic seamless & vivid visual performance: high quality modules and professional structure cabinets design to ensure the screens’ smooth level, seamless, vivid and perfect image
    •No noise during work: Fanless design of Colorlight’s LED screen will meet the quite request of the conference & cinema.
    •Better smooth level:  We alway to ensure 0.1mm connect error between the LED modules for our small pixel pitch LEd display prducts
    •Simple maintenance: Modular design makes the maintenance convenient and easier. save you time and labor

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