Novastar A4s LED Receiving Card Specification, download Novastar A4s specification to see detail parameters and more information about Nova A4s LED display receiver card controller card for full color LED screen. Novastar A4s is the high-end mini receiving card series of NovaStar with small size and full functions. Designed with high-density connectors, anti-looseness effect and dust proof function, it is quite stable and reliable. The board card has integrated network transformers to simplify design for users. A board card can suit all kinds of applications.

Resolution :256×256

RGB data output :24

MOM Interface :Support

Piexl level color and brightness calibration :Support

Receving Card Backup Support :Support

RCFG Backup and Read :Support

Auto Calibration :—

Cabinet Mapping :—

18bit+ :—

ClearView :—

Free Rotation :—

Low latency :—

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