Novastar PBOX100 Asynchronous Controller Specification, download Novastar PBOX100 specification to see detail parameters and more information about Nova PBOX100 LED display control box Multimedia Player. PBOX100 is designed for industrial use, can be used in all kinds of application environments.
Product Type :Asynchronous controller
Supply Voltage :220V
Control Method :Cable
Cascading Receiving Card :Supported
Storage Extension Method :U flash disk/SD card
Internal Memory :512MB
Audio Output :Supported
Capacity of a Single Card :Supported
Capacity of Cascading Receiving Cards :512×1024, 960×600, 1024×570, 1536×384, 2048×256
Network Access Methods :Cable network
Certification :CE、RoHS、FCC、PSE
Novastar PBOX100 is LED display Control Box. It has the following characteristics:
1: Loading capacity up to 2,300,000 pixels1) Remote play-program publishing;
2) Remote Monitoring;
3) Remote power supply control;
4) Play as per time segment or according to date, week and time;
5) Display window auto-adapting;
6) Multiple LED screens displaying synchronization;
7 Support a variety of media formats, such as video, images, text, weather, clock, countdown, Flash(version 7 and above are not supported temporarily), Word, Excel, Txt etc;
8) Support emergency insert play and immediate notification;
9) Remote playback log managing;
10) USB disc import and Plug-and-Play;
11) Support remote upgrade of application software and firmware program;
12) Flexible driving capacity, 960×600,1024×570, 1536×384, 2048×256 ;
13) Full-scale drive IC support:TI, Toshiba, MBI,Siti, Sumacro, Mingyang, etc. Support DM13H, MBI5024/5036/5034, MBI5042/5041/5030,MBI5040, MBI5050, etc;
14) Support full-color LED screens, static to 1/32 scan, real pixel/virtual pixel;
15) Field frequency as 60Hz;
16) The gray level is configurable, and support 16 bit 65536 level gray scale maximum;
17) Refresh frequency:scanning screen can achieve 3840Hz and static screen can achieve 6000Hz;
18) Support brightness calibration and color calibration;
19) Support led open/short circuit detection of MBI5036, MBI5034, MBI5039,DM13H;
20) On-board temperature and voltage detection;
21) Support (with light sensor NS048C ) automatic brightness adjustment;
22) Support multi-function card MFN300

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